What students think

Ummehani S., Media and Communication Management M.A.
“I really like it at MHMK Master School because it's a lot of exposure and a really professional atmosphere. I had always plans to launch my own business so I thought that this was the right course for me. I love it.”

Daria S., Media and Design M.A.
“I was searching for English programmes in different countries and cities. I like at MHMK Master School that you can acquire really broad skills about design, and not only about design but also management. You can get this big branch of important knowledge like how to work in a team which is very important in our field or how to do research. I think that at MHMK Master School you can acquire totally new knowledge as well as increase your current knowledge.”

Yoon-Jin P., Media and Communication Management M.A.
“I was really eager to learn more about the strategy and plans behind working on projects and not only just doing them. It really provided me with the practice and the theory I needed to go into the project management area. It's a very international degree; there are people from all over the world. I also love the fact that the professors at MHMK Master School are really open-minded and supporting me in what I'm doing and providing me the sources I need to grow.”

Bret S., Media and Design M.A.
“The MHMK gave me that opportunity to study and further my career along. Going from a class size of 300 kids to 5 people really gives you an intimate relationship with your friends and teachers that I never really had anywhere else. I'm doing everything I ever wanted to do in my bachelors degree but never got the chance to.”

Tim H., Media and Communication Management M.A.
“What I really like about the MHMK Master School is the interactive and creative part of the media projects and the international approach of international students in one room.”

Vanessa B., Media and Communication Management M.A.

"I truly enjoy the small classes and the familiar yet professional relationship the students can build with their peers and their professors. The MHMK puts great emphasis on introducing external lecturers, who bring their professional and business expertise right to the campus and into the classroom. I am confronted with inspiration on a daily basis from my environment at the MHMK."

Christoph M., Media and Design M.A.
"I enjoy studying and working with people from different fields. Studying in English helps me to be prepared to work abroad. Within small-sized courses, the lecturers are able to care about each student."

Jonas D., Media and Communication Management M.A.
"Working in small and dynamic groups while having close contacts to our professors the MHMK offers an ideal environment for studying. The MHMK is the only university that really understands what students need to learn for their future work in the media and communication industry while maintaining an interesting and challenging way of teaching. As the MHMK offers several possibilities to meet possible future employers, it is really important to get in contact with the guest speakers who are connecting the learned theory with detailed practical impressions."

Timothy K., Media and Communication Management M.A.
"The atmosphere is very familiar. The relation between professors and students is special. The professors are very helpful and available at all times if there are any questions or enquires."

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