• Future-proof your career with two master’s degrees
    from two universities in two years
    Marketing Communications + Strategic Marketing
    Luxury and Fashion Management + Fashion Business Management

    Future-proof your career with two master’s degrees

    Marketing Communications + Strategic Marketing


    Luxury and Fashion Management + Fashion Business Management

  • Future-proof your career with two master’s degrees
    from two universities in two years
    Marketing Communications + Strategic Marketing
    Luxury and Fashion Management + Fashion Business Management

    Future-proof your career with two master’s degrees

    Marketing Communications + Strategic Marketing


    Luxury and Fashion Management + Fashion Business Management

  • Future-proof your career with two master’s degrees
    from two universities in two years
    Marketing Communications + Strategic Marketing
    Luxury and Fashion Management + Fashion Business Management

    Future-proof your career with two master’s degrees

    Marketing Communications + Strategic Marketing


    Luxury and Fashion Management + Fashion Business Management

The European Master's

Double your career prospects with two degrees

First-hand international experience is vital to help you get an edge in the job market. With this in mind, Macromedia University and the University of Westminster have come together to develop a unique Master’s programme: The European Master's.

In this programme, you will study two Master’s programmes in the two partner universities over two years in two countries. The combination of two globally recognised degrees and your international experience will place you in an extremely advantageous position when you go after the most competitive roles in global companies.

Key features

Two degrees, two universities, two countries and infinite opportunities

  • One year at each university

    Spend one year at Macromedia University in Munich or Berlin and another year at the University of Westminster in London.

  • Flexible start

    The programme start is flexible. You can start your studies at either of the universities depending upon your preference.

  • Earn two degrees

    You will earn two different degrees from two distinguished universities in two years.

    Combine two Master's degrees for in-depth specialisation

    Specialise in the field of marketing communications or fashion business

    • Marketing Communications

      Strategic Marketing

      Portfolio Image

      Marketing Communications MA

      Portfolio Image
      Want to shape marketing and communication strategies that capitalise on the opportunities arising from new media technologies and digitalisation?

      This European Master’s with the focus on marketing and communications is a rigorous practice-driven study with a strong emphasis on cross-media communication, strategic marketing, and audience-oriented storytelling. You will study the following two Master’s: Marketing Communications MA at the University of Westminster and Strategic Marketing (M.A.) at Macromedia University. As a graduate, you will be adept in shaping marketing and communication strategies across channels.

    • Fashion Business

      Luxury and Fashion
      Management (M.A.)

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      Fashion Business Management MA

      Portfolio Image
      Are you fascinated by iconic fashion brands and premium products? Do you aspire to cultivate unique luxury brands and drive them to success?

      This European Master’s with the focus on fashion and luxury business is perfectly suited to future professionals seeking strong business competence with an emphasis on the fashion and luxury sector. You will study two Master’s programmes: Macromedia University’s Luxury and Fashion Management (M.A.) and the University of Westminster’s Fashion Business Management MA. By the time you graduate, you will have mastered the instruments of business management, operations, communications, and marketing.

    Why study the European Master's

    Top Benefits

    • Earn two recognised Master’s degrees from two universities
    • Study in two countries in two global metropolises: London and Berlin or Munich
    • Enhance your career prospects with two degrees and strong international experiences
    • Become part of the networks of two globally reputed universities
    • Develop your language and intercultural skills
    • Benefit from the global reputation of both universities
    • Choose where you want to begin your studies based on your preference
    • Gain experience in two major global markets

    Your campus cities

    • Berlin

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      Berlin is a city of art, design, entrepreneurship and a lot of history. Its thriving business scene attracts expats from all over the world. It's also one of the more affordable cities to live in as a student.
    • London

      Portfolio Image
      With it’s booming start-up scene, London exudes entrepreneurial energy. It is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. A multitude of cultural and social opportunities makes London an attractive destination for international students.
    • Munich

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      Home to the famous Oktoberfest, Munich is one of the best and safest cities for students. With a number of large international companies having their offices here including Microsoft, Allianz, and Siemens, Munich is a major economic hub.

    Good to know

    Tuition fees, deadlines and programme start

    Tuition Fees 
    The total tuition fee for the entire 2-year programme is £25,000*. This is split between £16,000 for the first year and £9,000 for the second year.

    At Macromedia, there is also a one-time registration fee of € 500 for EU students and € 750 for non-EU students.

    Course start

    - The 2-year Master's begins in Winter Semester in October 2021

    Application deadlines
    Winter Semester: Non-EU 15.06. / EU 15.08. 

    Admissions Requirements

    The entry requirements for students starting the European Master's in Germany are as follows:

    - A recognised Bachelor's degree with at least 180 ECTS
    - TOEFL score (at least 72 out of 120 points) or IELTS (at least 6.0 out of 9); equivalent qualifications may also be accepted, as applicable; later submissions via email or application portal is possible
    - Curriculum Vitae
    - A letter of recommendation (by your lecturer or employer)
    - A personal motivation statement
    - A copy of your valid passport

    Any foreign language document must be accompanied by officially certified translated versions in English or German.

    The best of both worlds

    • Germany

      Home to top international companies

      Portfolio Image
      Germany is the largest economy in Europe with high employment rates. Multinational companies like Allianz, BMW, Siemens, and Volkswagen are some of the top German employers. Skilled international talent is in demand as the economy continues to grow.
    • The United Kingdom

      An innovation and start-up haven

      Portfolio Image
      The United Kingdom is a leading global economy with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. The media and fashion industries have grown remarkably in recent years. A strong labour market and focus on entrepreneurship make the UK an attractive destination for ambitious professionals.

    University of Westminster

    A historical university with a global reputation and world-class portfolio

    The University of Westminster was founded in 1838 and was the UK's first Polytechnic Institute. Today, it is one of the most popular universities for Londoners, and attracts over 19,000 undergraduates and postgraduates nearly 170 different nations, making it one of the most internationally diverse universities in the world. With a highly diverse student body, the study environment at the university is inclusive, welcoming and vibrant.

    The university has achieved excellent QAA ratings for a range of courses, and 39 separate professional associations accredit, approve or recognise Westminster undergraduate degrees. In addition, 90% of Westminster's research work was assessed in the last national assessment as being internationally recognised, internationally excellent or world leading. The University's Careers & Employability Service works with an ever-growing network of over 7,500 recruiters and organisations.

    Upon graduation, you will also become an alumnus of the University of Westminster and gain access to an ever-growing alumni network with members around the globe.

    Accommodation in London

    • <h3>Accommodation in London</h3>
    The University of Westminster offers a range of possibilities when it comes to student accommodation in London, depending on your budget and where you'd like to be located. For more information on these, please visit the University of Westminster website

    As just one example, Raffles House is just a 20-minute train ride from Central London. The student village here offers plenty of opportunities to get to know other students and have a great social life. It is only a short walk from Wembley Park tube station and two stops from Harrow Campus. Raffles House is owned and managed by iQ Student Accommodation on behalf of the University of Westminster.

    The University of Westminster team will support students on the London BA in reserving University accommodation. Alternatively, students may also wish to look at renting private accommodation such as flatsharing.

    Macromedia University

    Right in the heart of major economic centres of Germany

    Munich and Berlin

    Macromedia University is a top private university with campuses in major media and economic centres of Germany. Our English-taught Master's programmes are offered in two locations: Berlin and Munich

    As a private university focussed on practice-led learning, we maintain close contacts with industry partners at every campus location. Our students appreciate the central location of their campuses and the vibrant city life. Sports and culture are a very important part of life in these cities and thus you can combine study with leisure effortlessly. Furthermore, German cities offer the highest standards of living with well-developed infrastructure and well-connected transportation network.

    Practical projects at Macromedia

    Real practical projects with well-known companies

    As a University of Applied Sciences, the practical relevance of your study is the core element of teaching at Macromedia University.

    Our aim is to train communications and media experts who will shape tomorrow's media industry. Therefore, your study incorporates real tasks and practical projects often with renowned companies in our network. The practical skills you develop during your studies will help you transition into a real work environment with ease.

    Past students have successfully proven their abilities in their practical projects with well-known companies. Some examples of practice cooperation include the following: integrated mobility solutions for Mercedes-Benz Consulting; a study on the role of start-ups in the digitally driven economy with Ernst & Young; a study with Allianz Group about the formats and distribution of news on demographic trends and financial products in 70 countries; conception of a global internal communication campaign for BASF; and a project with SAP about integrating Artificial Intelligence into a business software.

    Macromedia Alumni

    What our alumni say

    • Riva-Lewis
      Digital Content Producer, Airbnb Inc.

      I am responsible for the creation of digital content in the area of public policy for the German market. This implies email, social media, blog content as well as photo and video productions. I think the Master’s degree was a solid basis for me to build on. The regular conferences, guest lectures, and presentations were a great way to get a glimpse of different areas and make new contacts.
    • Portfolio Image
      Sales Manager, Twitter Latin America

      I´m currently coordinating the Twitter sales team in Latin America. Studying at Macromedia in Munich was a challenging experience that taught me to demand more of myself and think bigger. It was a combination of three factors: meeting inspiring people like Professor Kolo and Professor Englert, being close to the start-up ecosystems, and the talented and competitive classmates I had.
    • Portfolio Image
      Account Manager, Microsoft Deutschland

      I always knew that I want to have customer contact and work in teams in my future job. The practice-oriented content and corporate projects at Macromedia have taught me well in the course of studies, what comes to me in the workplace. At Microsoft, it is great fun to bring the topics of Big Data, the Internet of Things, etc. to the German upper midsize market and be a part of this change.

    Macromedia Partners

    Selected partners from our network of over 500 practice partners

    Why study at Macromedia

    Practice-driven study and industry relations

    • Globally recognised and accredited

      All Master's programmes at Macromedia University are state-recognised and accredited by the Science Council and FIBAA. They prepare you for a senior or executive position and open up a variety of career opportunities and new perspectives. After successfully completing the examination, graduates receive the "Master of Arts" degree from the accredited Macromedia University of Applied Sciences.

    • High practical relevance

      Our Master's programmes are practice-driven and help you develop strong hands-on skills as well as strategic and analytical thinking. During your master study, you will work on a practical project for one of the well-known companies in our network. In the past, students have worked with top industry players like Sky, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz Consulting and Ernst & Young. This is also a valuable opportunity to learn all facets of strategic and operational management, project management, team communication and cross-disciplinary collaboration in a professional setting. 

    • Wide network of partners

      Macromedia University maintains a close connection with the top players in the industry. Every year, we set up challenging new practical projects for our students in cooperation with industry partners in professional settings. Currently, Macromedia has a well-maintained network of over 500 renowned companies. You will have the chance to work on a real practical project with one of these companies and gain tangible practical skills that will be valuable in your future job.

    • Career Orientation

      In the Master's programme at Macromedia University, you will learn all the skills and techniques you need for the management of media, business, processes and people – all from an international perspective. Our Master's programmes are the perfect springboard for careers in the age of mediatisation and globalisation. As a graduate, you will have the confidence and competence for top-level roles in international companies.

    • Intensive study

      While you are with us at Macromedia, you will study intensively in small groups gaining exclusive business insights and receiving personal supervision from professors. We don’t believe in “production-line” teaching. Your professors know you by your name. Small classes allow you to benefit from meaningful and intensive discussions with your classmates and closer guidance from your professors. 

    • Non-consecutive

      All the Master's study programmes at Macromedia University are non-consecutive. That means our study programmes are open for all graduates regardless of the study fields they come from. Therefore, you have the perfect opportunity to diversify your skills and expertise in case you want to explore new study areas which may not be related to what you studied during your undergraduate study. 


      Frequently asked questions

      Q: How long does the study take?

      A: The European Master's programme adheres to high standards of quality and lasts four semesters. You will earn 30 ECTS per semester, totaling 120 ECTS. You will spend a year at Macromedia whether in Berlin or Munich and another year in London at the University of Westminster. The course of studies is characterised by a high degree of flexibility in terms of time, in order to enable study-related work for professionals. 

      Q: What is so special about Macromedia?

      A: New technologies and digital media are constantly transforming our societies and industries. Macromedia University prepares its students for this fluid work environment. As a forerunner in shaping the digital transformation, our university teaches students the approaches and methods that will enable them to actively influence the foreseeable evolution of our living and working conditions. We are confident that we equip our graduates with outstanding skills and knowledge required for a career in the dynamic digital era. After all, nothing is as constant as change. #youchange

      Q: Why should I choose Macromedia University?

      A: Macromedia University offers private, state-recognised Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes at seven locations in Germany in the fields of management, media, film, and design. All programmes are accredited by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) and recognised by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts. In 2011, Macromedia University was awarded official institutional recognition by the German Council of Science and Humanities. It earned the Mediencampus Bayern seal of quality in 2014. Macromedia University was one of the best-rated universities in several categories in the field of media, communications science, and journalism in the CHE University Ranking 2014/15, and was placed higher than any other private university. Macromedia University joined the international Galileo Global Education network in 2013.

      Q: How do I apply for visas for Germany and the UK?

      A: Before starting the visa process for Germany, non-EU applicants need to transfer 50% of the first semesters’ fees as well as the registration fee prior to receiving the Confirmation of Admission from Macromedia University. In most cases, you need to provide financial security in the form of a German Blocked Account with at least 10,236 €. For more information, please contact the nearest consulate or German embassy.

      For the year in the UK, most non-EU/EEA nationals starting a degree course will need a Tier 4 visa. If you're an EU national or a national of Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein or Switzerland, you do not currently need to apply for a visa (as of 07.06.2019). However, this may change depending upon the nature of Brexit. More information will available on the website of the University of Westminster as it becomes available. The University of Westminster also has a visa advice team who will be able to answer questions once you are ready to apply for your visa.

      Q: What career opportunities exist after grduation?

      A: With the European Master's, you open the doors to a variety of career opportunities in the upper level in business sectors and different industries. For example, in marketing, branding, advertising, corporate communication along with product management, business management and so on. Typical positions that fit with the European Master's are key account managers in agencies, senior consultant, communication manager, PR manager, project manager, marketing manager, business development manager and so on in diverse industry sectors like media, fashion, luxury, service industry, retail and others. After graduation, you become eligible for the 18-month job search visa for Germany, so you will have plenty of time to find the job that matches your qualifications.

      Q: What are the admission requirements?

      A: The prerequisite for admission to the European Master's programme is a Bachelor's degree with at least 180 ECTS. If your native language is not English, you are required to provide proof of English proficiency in the form of TOEFL or IELTS as described in the admission requirements section above.

      As of May 2019. Errors and omissions excepted.
      * Subject to errors and modifications.

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