Research Projects

Applied research is a mainstay of Macromedia University’s work.

Research generates new findings and insights which are relevant for businesses and social institutions. It builds bridges towards everyday working life, thereby fostering high-quality, up-to-date teaching. Thus research at Macromedia University plays a crucial role in fostering and qualifying the new generation of students. The main focus of research at the Media School lies in the area of social sciences. As the largest German private university in the field of media and communications, Macromedia is well-placed to bring together research expertise from the fields of journalism, media management, advertising, design, or film and television. Nominally there are various types of research which may in some cases overlap:

  • Theory-led research and theses (e.g. Bachelor’s or Master’s theses)
  • Curricular research or teaching projects
  • Externally funded research or
  • Contract research.

The type of research is to be specified by the researcher. At present the following clusters of topics are the subject of research at Macromedia University / research directors:

  • Media and innovations / Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo
  • Brand worlds and discovery zones / Prof. Dr. Gabriela Rieck, Prof. Dr. Guido Ellert
  • Games and gaming / Prof. Markus Wiemker
  • Öffentlichkeiten und Öffentliche Meinung / Prof. Dr. Thomas Horky
  • Design of services, processes and products / Prof. Dr. Jürgen Faust, Ph. D.
  • Journalismusforschung, Mediensysteme und –kulturen / Prof. Dr. Marlis Prinzing

The expectations for research at Macromedia University are as follows:

  • Interdisciplinarity: in the sense of making the most of Macromedia University's specific strengths by bringing together skills in designing, understanding, and managing media and communications.
  • Relevance to action: in the sense of a relevant contribution to social debate on particular topics, to political discourse (or discourse on media politics), or to business practice.

Our professors seek to exchange ideas and findings with academic peers both within Germany and abroad, in research societies and collaborations with universities and other institutions of higher education, and also at conferences. Macromedia University thus ensures that ideas are subjected to critical reflection as they are developed. With the participation of its academic personnel, Macromedia formulates rules for good scholarly practice, makes them known to all its staff, and requires staff to observe them. These rules are a fixed component of teaching, and of the training of the next generation of scholars.

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