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Facilitating communication.

PR managersand communication professionals all have one core role: they are partners in dialogue between organizations and the public. Their job is to take the relevant themes from businesses, associations, governments, and social and political organizations, and introduce them into public debate.As press officers, they also personally represent businesses vis-à-vis the press and journalists. PR managers make use of all analogue and digital media channels to present their themes to the public. From the classical daily newspaper to television, radio, and social networks on the Web. Communications experts in businesses are also responsible for communication with staff, internal communications, and dialogue with shareholders (investor relations). These areas of work have long since become international, even in small and medium-sized businesses and large associations.PR professionals have a good understanding of both economic and societal processes, and processes of opinion making and communication. They also have practical experience and dialogue competence with regard to all media channels.

The branch of study ‘PR and Communication Management’ gives you fundamental qualifications at the interface between media studies, corporate communication and media management. It makes reference to the immensely important role of public relations work and market communication for businesses, associations and organizations. You learn to deal with challenges related to business administration and media technology, and engage with the special features of agency business. Project-oriented tasks give you the opportunity to applythe theoretical knowledge you have acquired straight away, in a practical setting. At the end of your studies you will be able to choose from a number of interesting, international areasof work in business, politics and society.

Academic Degree Bachelor of Arts
Duration of Study 7 Terms
Starting Winter Term, Summer Term
Location Campus Munich, Campus Stuttgart, Campus Cologne, Campus Hamburg, Campus Berlin
Admission requirements Recognized school leaving certificate, aptitude test, personal interview.
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