Sunday | 02. July 2017

10th Global Media Forum: Gernot Wolfram about diversity concepts, media and spaces

Since 2015, Prof. Dr. Gernot Wolfram researches on societal integration and participation of refugees in an educational context with the project "The Moving Network". At the 10th Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum in Bonn, he presented the central aspects of his joint research with his Syrian colleague Halah Al-Hayik.

Invited by the Goethe Institute to present the research project “The Moving Network”, Prof. Dr. Gernot Wolfram from Macromedia University Berlin spoke at the 10th Global Media Forum in Bonn. Together with his Syrian colleague Halah Al-Hayik, he introduced the research- and practice approaches of the project that aims at a changed understanding of diversity. Instead of institutions, NGOs and media companies raising their voices “for” someone or working only “with” and “for” something, Al-Hayik and Wolfram ask for more attention for the competencies of so-called multipliers which own trust in certain communities.

Journalists, media producer, politicians and social media experts from all continents shaped the atmosphere of this special conference, which is being organized since ten years by the Deutsche Welle. This year’s Freedom of Speech Award was given to Jeff Mason, president of the White House Correspondents Association. With moving works he elaborated the necessity that especially the actors of media ad educational institutions take responsibility for the preservation of diversity. 

In their contribution, Al-Hayik and Wolfram also stressed the special value of the work of the Goethe Institut. They liked especially last year’s project “Damascus in Exile” that provided a pop-up-space near the Volksbühne in Berlin as creative lab for culture and media workers. Both offered a workshop there which was met with great positive feedback.

Prof. Dr. Gernot Wolfram is the head of the international Master program Media and Communication Management in Berlin. Find out more about Macromedia's study programs here.



The 10th edition of the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum was dedicated to the discussion about the impact of identity and diversity on politics, society and media identity and diversity.

Prof. Dr. Gernot Wolfram and his colleague Halah Al-Hayik presented the joint research project "The Moving Network" to the international audience.

The annual international conference was located in the World Conference Center Bonn.

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