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Adtrader Conference 2017: Master Student Ivana Dzaja Researches about Programmatic Advertising in Upcoming Master Thesis

Since its debut in 2011, the Adtrader Conference continues to show the current challenges and latest trends in marketing and media, driven by media platforms and the increased use of audience data. It is "the programmatic media event" - and thanks to the alumni association Macromedia Community e.V., Master student Ivana Dzaja was able to visit this year's conference on May 18th to collect information for her upcoming Master thesis about programmatic advertising. A report by Ivana Dzaja.

Programmatic advertising is a complex ecosystem of personalised advertising. It is a buzzword nowadays in the digital world because it gives so many possibilities and innovation in online marketing by targeting the exact type of audience with the ability to manage time and frequency of showing the ads. When a visitor loads a web page that contains advertising spaces, collected information about the visitor, as well as the context of the web page being visited are sent to the stock exchange listings. This ad space is given to the highest bidder and his ad is placed on that inventory. All this is done in a few milliseconds, the time has no effect on the user experience. Understanding the process of programmatic advertising one can understand the importance to manage the usage of Big Data.

New Challenges in Programmatic Advertising Business

Programmatic advertising is an integral part of day-to-day business and therefore should deliver measurable results. Those who profit the most in Germany are to be found on the demand side of the business - publishers and their sales houses wanting to grow their business, while at the same time delivering success by using the latest technology.

On the other side of the business, advertisers face challenges, after the so called walled gardens have been introduced. Although being called innovation drivers, they limit collaboration between partners because they operate as a closed platform where only the service provider has control over the content and restricts access to non-approved applications or content. 

Exclusive Insights about the phenomena Walled Gardens at the Adtrader Conference 2017

The topics at the conference this year were dealing both with positive and negative aspects of the walled garden, as well as providing interesting solutions to business dilemmas. The speakers were successful media professionals, each with a very different opinion on the walled garden situation. For instance, Sacha Belik, Director EMEA The Tradedesk gave a wonderful speech about the future of programmatic advertising, argued that walled gardens will not work and that transparency is becoming reality. Contrarily, John Nardone, CEO Flashtalking talked about strategies for advertisers on how to live in symbiosis with walled gardens, both in Europe and the US. His advice is to solicit mayor players, Facebook and Google against each other and not be hostage to their data, but to create own assets and negotiate within the walled gardens. Alexander Kraft, Managing Partner Programmatic OMNICOM MEDIA GROUP and Jan Heumüller, Managing Director DACH TABMO presented an extremely interesting case study on Mobile Creative Programmatic and showed us the hyperlocal targeting with the McDonald´s Mobile Scratch Ticket and the Online-Offline-Activation. Joachim Schneidmadl, VIRTUAL MINDS says that "the Closed wall is the new Open".

To conclude, the conference was a real eye opener by stating the current concerns in the world of programmatic advertising, but as well providing strategies to overcome them. Experienced marketing professionals talked about creativity and business growth within the online marketing world providing useful information. Some special thanks go to the Macromedia Community e.V. for its financial support without whom these precious insights would not have been possible.


About the Author

Ivana Dzaja studies in the international Master program Media and Communication Management at Macromedia University Berlin. Currently, she is in her third and last semester and working on her Master Thesis about programmatic advertising under guidance of Marketing specialist Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck.

On May 18th, Master student Ivana Dzaja was able to visit the Adtrader Conference in Berlin.

This year's conference focused on the phenomena of Walled Gardens.

Croatian Media and Communication Management Master student Ivana Dzaja is currently writing her thesis about Programmatic Advertising.

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