Tuesday | 09. May 2017

Talent Show "Be a Star" in Cologne: Let's get together

Which Macromedia Campus has secret talents? Which campus hides the most beautiful voice, the funniest comedian or the most talented acrobats? Clear the stage for all Macromedia talents on May, 29 for "Be a star - Macromedia talent". The Macromedia students Benny Schmidt and Gero Tober are organizing the talent show for the second time with the support of Campus Cologne. The event will take place at the "Senftöpfchen" theatre in Cologne. But what is new this time? The event will be nationwide. The entrance is free for all externals - and a free couch is provided by the Macromedia-Fachschaft Cologne, if required. Therefore: do not consider, register - and begin to practice.

Nobody has to go on stage, everyone can – lots of fun is guaranteed at: "Be a star - Macromedia talent" (Monday, May 29, 2017, 8.15 pm). There will be no placings in the first part of the talent show, only when the student teams compete against their professors on stage. All Macromedia students are invited to participate as artists or spectators. Students arriving from other Macromedia campuses have free admission, otherwise the ticket costs 5 euro.

Save your ticket and sign up now:
When: Monday, May 29, 2017, 8.15 pm (admission starts at 7.00 pm)
Where: Senftöpfchen Theater, Große Neugasse 2-4, 50667 Cologne

Registration of talents via e-mail: kontakt Ihr Kontakt zur Hochschule Macromediabe-a-star-productions.de
Registration for guests via Facebook (please specify your home campus): http://www.facebook.com/events/209415986217587/
Support the organization team: registration via kontakt Ihr Kontakt zur Hochschule Macromediabe-a-star-productions.de

Request for accommodation in Cologne: write an e-mail with subject „Suche Couch – Be a star“ via fachschaft-koeln Ihr Kontakt zur Hochschule Macromediamacromedia.de 
Offer for accommodation in Cologne: write an e-mail with subject „Biete Couch – Be a star“ via fachschaft-koeln Ihr Kontakt zur Hochschule Macromediamacromedia.de

Be-a-star-production: Macromedia students market show idea

The Macromedia students Benny Schmidt, who is studying Entertainment Management (BA) at Campus Cologne, and Gero Tober, who just completed his studies in Brand Communication and Advertising (BA), will carry on with "Be a star" after the second event. They founded the production company Be a Star Productions and compiled a business plan. Meanwhile, they successfully pitched their show concept at a TV station. A test run for the television commercialization is planned for august.

We keep our fingers crossed! #youchange

(IMH, translated by Angelika Golser)

„Be a star, Macromedia“: On May 29, 2017 the second edition of the Macromedia talent show takes place at Senftöpfchen-Theater Cologne. Save your tickets now.

Group photo from the first event: Gero Tober (front left) and Benny Schmidt (2.f.l.), Macromedia students and initiators of „Be a star“.

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