Tuesday | 09. May 2017

Interdisciplinary Symposium at Berghain Kantine: Berlin's Party Life between Science and Celebration

In the past, Professor Martin Lücke has proved to be not only an expert in musicology, but also a specialist for organizing buzzing events. On Wednesday, the 21st of June, his next coup awaits: At Kantine am Berghain, the place to be for electronic dance music lovers in Berlin, Lücke and his colleagues, research fellows Anita Jóri and Kata Katz, are hosting the interdisciplinary symposium "Summer Solstice in Berlin: The 'New' Age of Club and EDM Culture". Get ready for exploring Berlin's Party Culture from scientific, practical and most foremost surprisingly different perspectives!

Berlin is one of the most important music metropolises worldwide – not only since the German reunification. The capital of Germany, often mentioned as a city of music, can be observed from various different perspectives. On the one hand, thanks to its numerous music labels, publishers and networks, Berlin has a high economic potential; on the other hand, Berlin is a center for the development of music trends, because until today it is a melting pot of artists with very different backgrounds who collaborate here with other creatives. Above all, electronic (dance) music plays a crucial role in this phenomenon. Already in the 1980s, there were many clubs in the city, but after the fall of the Berlin Wall, even more venues opened in mostly abandoned properties, which were massively present here at that time. Numerous scientific investigations focus on Berlin’s club culture and electronic dance music scene and just as many institutions, companies and networks have been founded in this field.

Evolving around this particular field, Music Management professor Martin Lücke has once more organized a promising event at the heart of Berlin's EDM scene, the infamous techno temple Berghain: On June 21, 2017, the one-day, interdisciplinary symposium Summer Solstice in Berlin: The "New" Age of Club and EDM Culture will show how diverse the theoretical and practical approaches to Berlin’s EDM scene can be. The oneday program will include scientific lectures, company presentations and a practical workshop as well as some dj sets for a "happy ending".

The program (German & English) in detail:

1) theoretical lectures from different areas of knowledge (economics, cultural studies, linguistics, and sociology). Theoretical presentations by Anita Jóri (research fellow at Vilém Flusser Archiv at Universität der Künste, currently writing her PhD thesis about "The discourse community of electronic dance music")., Dr. Jan-Michael Kühn (sociologist with specialisation in EDM), Christine Preiser (Max-Planck-Institut, specialisation in research about the working conditions of bouncers) and Dr. Botond Vitos (PhD with specialisation in Cultural Studies) at Monash University, Melbourne).

2) practice-oriented presentations by various Berlin-based institutions; amongst others by Aiko Okamoto (female:pressure), Lukas Drevenstedt (commercial director Clubcommission Berlin), Dr. Benedikt Brilmayer (Philharmonie-Instrumentenmuseum Berlin)

3) a hands-on workshop on music production/DJing with Camille Darroux, supported by Native Instruments

Panel with Katja Lucker (managing director of Musicboard Berlin), Roberta Jordan (Musician from PHROND) & Jan-Michael Kühn (Sociologist). Moderated by Prof. Dr. Martin Lücke

After the three sessions, DJs and artists will play until 24:00. Artists: Tom Talenberg, Nina Pixel, .PHROND

During the day, the bookstore Echo Bücher will provide you with the newest publications about electronic music, sound and club culture.

It is also planned to publish the contributions of the symposium in an anthology.


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On June 21, 2017, from 11 am, Macromedia University invites to the one-day symposium "Summer Solstice - The 'New' Age of Club and EDM Culture" at Berghain Kantine.

In the past, Prof. Dr. Martin Lücke and Anita Jóri have proved their talent to host entertaining events dealing with club culture and electronic music. This year on board: Research Assistant Kata Katz.

Kantine am Berghain is one of the most talked about hotspots of Berlin's party scene.

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