Thursday | 20. April 2017

Success Secrets of Private Universities: New CHE-Study

Since 2005 the number of private university students in Germany has tripled. What are the success factors of private providers? This has been investigated by the Center for Hochschulentwicklung CHE in a new study. Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo, Dean and Vice President of Macromedia University explains where Macromedia University is located within the described academic landscape of the study.

"We were very happy about the new CHE study. The success factors mentioned there precisely describe the principles on which we have been designing our courses since 2006", says Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo. "The publication will help to finally eliminate reservations about private higher education in Germany."

The CHE Center for Hochschulentwicklung published the study "Success Secrets of Private Universities“ in February 2017. The core statement is that private universities face the trend of the society’s academization with superior offers e.g. they clearly define the value of a degree, they offer practical orientation and individual expert advices during the whole study.

Accreditation certificate is quality seal

Quite explicitly, the authors of the study deny the prejudice that degrees of private universities are easier to achieve than from state colleges. The authors make clear that it is important to emphasize that the 'success promise' of private universities does not mean that quality standards of the studies or exams are reduced – the institutional accreditation and program accreditation require quality assurance.

This aspect is also important for the Macromedia Dean: "In this CHE study the accreditation obligation is rightly emphasized as a major plus of a private university. In contrast to state universities, we go through the accreditation process before the start of each study program - and can implement the valuable feedback of the expert committee excellently in the study planning."

Find the study "Success Secrets of Private Universities" (2017) here.

(IMH, translated by Angelika Golser)

The CHE publication "Success Secrets of Private Universities" (2017) provides an overview of the development, types and concepts of private universities.

Since 2013 Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo is Dean and Vice President of Macromedia University and therefore responsible for teaching and research.

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