Tuesday | 18. April 2017

Storytelling in the City: Macromedia Student researches about perspectives of Content Marketing

How will commercial storytelling change if Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality applications enable new brand experiences in the public space? What kind of stories are suitable for immersive media experiences of virtual spaces? These topics are addressed in the master thesis of Macromedia University Berlin student Claudius Grimme. Due to the high relevance of his research work, Grimme was able to win distinctive players from science and industry for a cooperation.

What if VR and AR applications play a major role in the prospective public space and buildings and objects are able to "talk" to pedestrians: what content is appropriate for which context? Which devices will let people experience the new content - and what does that mean for the producers of these contents? This is the current research topic of Macromedia student Claudius Grimme, who is currently studying Media and Communication Management (M.A.) at Campus Berlin.

Expert interviews: input from profiled industry experts

An important part of his master thesis "The future of branded storytelling and content marketing in regards to digital out of home mixed reality" are the interviews with experts from science and economy. Grimm's contacts come from the Westphalian Wilhelms University, the USC School of Cinematic Arts and the University of Tübingen. Company, agency and media representatives come from Amazon, AXA, Bild, BBC, Bosch, Google, Tank und Rast, UFA and Zalando. Grimme conducted the expert interviews during the CMCX (Content Marketing Conference) in Munich, the NewTV Congress in Hamburg and the 3rd Viral & Content Marketing Conference in Berlin. The booster club Macromedia Community e.V. supported him financially. Grimme is currently working on the evaluation of the interviews and expert symposia.

Career planning: scientific expertise and entrepreneurial courage

Last year Grimme founded the startup Content Generation and is also the CEO of Tuberain Media GmbH. Before studying at Macromedia University, he studied at the New York Film Academy, the University of Auckland, the SAE Institute and the London Middlesex University in the field of "Film, Television & Media Studies" and "Digital Filmmaking".

We wish Claudius Grimme much success and are looking forward to the results of his MA work. #youchange

(IMH, translated by Angelika Golser)

Macromedia student Claudius Grimme researches about possibilities of virtual reality and augmented reality applications

Claudius Grimme studies the English-speaking master program Media and Communication Management (M.A.) at Macromedia University Berlin.

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