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Smart Innovation: Register now for the dmi: Conference in Munich

The dmi: Symposium Munich 8/9 March at the distinctive BMW Welt Business Center will be a fast-paced, immersive 1 1/2 day event hosted in partnership with Bayern Design, The Bavarian State Ministry, and MCBW. The DMI Symposium is part of the 6th Annual Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW), the largest design event in Germany. Over 200 events and exhibitions will be hosted throughout Munich for more than 60,000 visitors.

The Symposium's theme is “Smart Innovation: Connecting Design to Strategy”. As companies contend with unprecedented technological and business complexities, they are turning to design to simplify and humanize complex systems, clarify business strategy, and create a roadmap to innovation. Short keynote sessions and group breakout discussions will focus on design as a building block of innovation in large organizations, small and medium enterprises, startups, and the public sector.

For more information and registration to dmi: Symposium "Smart Innovation: Connecting Design to Strategy" click here. Registration fee is $950 USD.

Founded in 1975, the Design Management Institute (DMI) is an non-profit-organization that seeks to improve organizations through the effective management of design and innovation. Through education, design value advocacy, and networking, we link a global membership of designers, business leaders, educators, and researchers to facilitate organizational change and design-driven innovation for economic, cultural and social benefit. 

8 March, Wednesday - 14:00 to 18:30 - Workshop

Design Thinking and Innovation Management
Dr. Nelson Soken, CEO, Author, Trainer

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation and problem solving that everyone can put into practice. In this interactive workshop participants unfamiliar with design thinking, and those wishing a refresh, will learn how design thinking can enhance their individual and organizational ability to address customer needs. Learn:

  • The fundamental principles design thinking
  • The role of cognitive biases in decision-making and organizational interactions
  • Simple, actionable tools and processes for each phase of the design process that you can implement immediately

9 March, Thursday - 8:00 to 17:30 - Keynotes Speaker Sessions

Experts from the US and Europe will discuss challenges and opportunities facing today's design and innovation leaders:

  • Chris Pacione: CEO, The LUMA Institute
    Key Factors That Influence your Organization's Ability to Innovate
  • Fabio Sergio:  VP Design, frog
    Culture Eats Design for Breakfast: Thinking and Doing in the Age of Always-On Transformation
  • Mark Ciesko: Global Director Design Thinking, GE Healthcare;
    Lawrence Murphy: Chief Designer, GE Healthcare
    Designing Great Customer Experiences by Leveraging Design Thinking
  • Ferdy Gilsing: Associate Director, Designworks, A BMW Group Company
    Creative Transformation – by People, with People, for People
  • Christof Mees: President, CEO, Ziba Design
    Navigating the Disruption - Leading a Design Firm Through the Changing Landscape of our Industry
  • Amy Steinmetz: Vice President, Managing Director Europe, LPK Europe;
    David Beard: Vice President, Executive Creative Director, LPK Europe
    Connecting Design to Brand Strategy

9 March, Thursday - 8:00 to 17:30 - Interactive Breakout Discussions

Experienced leaders will lead interactive discussion sessions with small groups to discuss real-world challenges and opportunities. Learn best practices from your peers as you review current business cases, and debate models and frameworks that address topics across innovation, design management and design strategy challenges. Breakout Discussions will be led by global thought leaders:

  • From SMEs to Large Corporates: Building Design Capability at the Right Scale
    Iain Aitchison: Program Director, Institute of Design Innovation Glasgow School of Art; Chair, DMI Advisors, Board Member Creative Scotland
  • Design Thinking in the German Work Environment
    Christiane Riefler: Project Manager Design Strategy, BMW Group
  • Being Human in Times of Digital Transformation: The Power of Design-Driven Innovation
    Oliver Szasz: Professor of Digital Media & Communications, Macromedia University of Applied Sciences
  • Beyond Empathy: Crossing Cultures with Design Insight and Foresight
    Steffi Marty: Senior Brand Identity Manager Europe, Wrigley
  • DMI Design Value System: A Measure of the Value of Design in Business
    Dr. Nelson Soken: CEO Soken Consulting, Author, Trainer
  • Are You Solving the Right Problem? Innovation and The Art of Problem Framing
    Chris Pacione: CEO, The LUMA Institute
  • Connecting Design to Brand Strategy
    Amy Steinmetz: Vice President, Managing Director Europe, LPK Europe; David Beard: Vice President, Executive Creative Director, LPK Europe

Register now to work with the World's leading Design Thinking experts on March 8/9, 2017 in Munich. Participate in the symposium "Smart Innovation: Connecting Design to Strategy", hosted by the dmi: design management instute at the BMW Welt Business Center.

Among the keynote-speakers and leaders of the interactive breakout-sessions are Dr. Nelson Soken, Chris Pacione, Fabio Sergio, Mark Ciesko, Lawrence Murphy, Ferdy Gilsing, Christof Mees, Amy Steinmetz, David Beard, Oliver Szasz.

Oliver Szasz is Design professor at Macromedia University, specializing in methods of Design Thinking.

Oliver Szasz was in charge of for the production of the first Macromedia MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), covering topics like Design, design history and theories, innovation and creativity management, storytelling, entrepreneurship and intercultural competence.

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