Thursday | 22. December 2016

Successful field trip to Jägermeister’s headquarter: Research project at Macromedia Berlin combines classical market research with design thinking

In normal student’s life, herb liqueur Jägermeister can be found most likely after a long day of university. But not so this term at Macromedia University Berlin: Following the call of the German iconic brand, Bachelor and Master students are researching the consumer habits of digital natives in an interdisciplinary project. First highlight of the project was an excursion to Jägermeister’s headquarter in Wolfenbüttel, where the students were able to impress the project partners with their interim findings.

The interaction between mega trends such as globalization, demographic change, health, network society and individualization, while observing a simultaneous return to social values at the same time, is currently changing the game in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector. This development also strongly affects the so-called High Energy segment targeted to young adults elbowing their way to the front of the bar with a decreasing interest in partying without limits. Booming millenials are brand promiscuous. They are seeking immersive experiences and demanding engaging stories. Suffering from ever shorter attention spans, millenials are quicker to jump on new trends. Where these developments will take us, can only be assumed right now: Smoothies coming from a green bottle? Spontaneous networking parties? Or partying in private?

Multi-perspective research design for development of future scenarios and innovative ideas

Out of these considerations, brand expert Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck initiated an interdisciplinary research project alongside with Jägermeister’s gastronomy marketing manager Lukas Ciosanski. Bachelor students from brand communication and journalism and master students from Media and Communication Management from Berlin’s Graduate School are following Prof. Kleinselbeck’s multi perspective research approach that combines qualitative and quantitative market research methods and expert opinions with a design thinking approach and various workshops. “The design of this study is as challenging as the task itself”, comments Kleinselbeck. “That’s why I’m happy that service design expert Prof. Thomas Stegmann joined the coaching team.” By conducting classic market research, the students get hands-on insights in practical market- and brand research, while the design thinking approach allows them to think freely and truly innovative. The goal of the project is to develop future scenarios and innovative ideas for the brand Jägermeister, based on valid research findings.

Observation, desktop research, interviews, questionnaires, workshops: Bachelor- and Master students impress project partners in Wolfenbüttel with professional presentations

Following this strategy, in a first step the students analyzed nightlife of their peer groups in clubs and bars to better understand consumption and partying habits of young adults, and to specifically explore intervening factors such as media usage and overall leisure preferences. After documenting all steps diligently, they were able to present first insights and innovative ideas to the project partners in Wolfenbüttel. Gastromarketing manager Lukas Ciosanski could not have been happier: “This cooperation is a huge chance for our company, because we get a fresh perspective on our brand, coming directly from our younger target group. I was impressed by the high level that both bachelor and master students’ research have already shown. After this successful kick-off, we are really looking forward to more insights and innovative strategies that Macromedia Berlin’s students will offer us in the following months!"

Intense brand experience at Jägermeister headquarter

Their hard work did pay off for the students: Following the successful presentations, they were able to catch an exclusive glance into the production process of the liquor. Afterwards, the evening was concluded at the Jägermeister Gästehaus, were the students got an introduction into how to mix cocktails and other drinks with Jägermeister – and of course they were able to cheer with the project partners to a promising cooperation in the future. 


Here you can have a look at the photos from the excursion. To find out more about the study program, click here.

Project partner Mast Jägermeister invited bachelor and master students of Macromedia University Berlin into their headquarter in Wolfenbüttel to present first insights.

Representing the interdisciplinary bachelor group, Patrick Weindok, Jasmin Ripberger and Iyves Arndt concinved the project partners of their findings.

Miguel Garcia, Garima Roy, Nora Werbeck and Irina Nikolovska were able to leave a good impression with the findings of the Media and Communication Management Master group.

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