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Brand Management (M.A.)

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Business (M.A.)

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Design Management (M.A.)

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Design Thinking (M.A.)

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Digital Media Business (M.A.)

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Media and Communication Management (M.A.)

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Smart City Design (M.A.)

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Study practice-oriented Master programmes in media, design and business


"All Master's programmes have one goal: to qualify students optimally for upscale and executive positions. You will have an integrative and international perspective with all capacities and techniques that are essential for the professional management of media, people, and processes in the future media industry." - Prof. Dr. Jürgen Faust, Ph.D., President of Macromedia University

The principal aim of the Macromedia Graduate School is to produce competent graduates who manage media products and communication, realise design projects and processes, formulate new business models, lead teams and shape the industries of tomorrow. To achieve this, the Master’s degree courses are designed to teach students the specialist, methodological and management skills to the media managers, designers and business leaders of tomorrow who aim to work in an international and future-oriented environment. 

Students benefit from the practice-oriented curriculum that is closely aligned with the professional requirements of the media and business industry, and develop the qualifications needed for senior technical and management positions worldwide.

The lectures are held in English and teach specialist knowledge and management skills in line with our teaching philosophy of adopting a stimulating and practical approach. According to their specialisations, students use case studies and project work to gain tacit knowledge geared towards business and practice and prepare for entry into professional life. The learning environment is similar to that of the Anglo-Saxon “Master’s degree culture” with intensive and individual supervision, small classes, a high level of student input and career coaching alongside.

Following the non-consecutive philosophy of Macromedia's Graduate School, we welcome graduates from different fields. All Master’s degree courses can be studied part-time as well.

All Master’s degree courses comply with the EU Master Qualification Criteria and the European Credit Transfer System. They are accredited by FIBAA. 

Study Programmes

Macromedia's Graduate School offers a unique set of Master's programmes with diverse specialisations. The three programmes offered at Macromedia University are:

- Media and Communication Management

- Design

- Business

Students of all programmes study together in a range of core modules. Specialisations are done through specific modules, thesis and projects. 

It is possible for our Master's level students to combine work with study. The programmes are organised over three semesters, with classes taking place on three days a week maximum, e.g. from Thursday to Saturday. Working students can easily combine job and study – more than a third of the programme duration is free of classes, which means this time can be spent preparing and following up on classes or project work and can be allocated entirely as students wish. Master’s courses can also be completed on a part-time basis. 

Admission Requirements and Pre-Semester

To begin a Master’s programme at the Macromedia University, you require at least 210 ECTS. If you have a Bachelor’s degree with only 180 ECTS, you have the option of obtaining the extra 30 ECTS needed in a Pre-Semester course. 

The Pre-Semester course can be completed on campus or online. More information is available here

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